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Artery Props believes that transparency is an integral piece of the client/vendor relationship. For that reason, this site was designed to include all necessary information to rent from us. Specifically, the Policies, Pricing and © Statement pages should answer any questions you may have. For this reason, we try not to dilute this FAQ page with redundant questions. However, if, after viewing our site, you still have unanswered questions, please contact us by phone: (877) 732-7733 or by email: .


1 - Where are you located?

Our office is located at 7684 Clybourn Ave., 2nd Floor, Unit C, Sun Valley, CA 91352. Please see the page for details.

2 - What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM, closed over the weekend. If we are out of the office while you are attempting a visit during office hours, call us at 877-732-7733 and we'll arrive within a few minutes.

3 - What forms of payment do you take?

We take cash & money order, business check, credit card and purchase order. For details, visit the page.

4 - Which holidays are you closed?

You can find out which holidays are closed by visiting the page.

5 - Are all of your designs cleared?

Yes. We create and own our designs ourselves, strictly with the intent for use on media production. Please see the page for details.

6 - Will Artery Props sign a clearance letter?

If your company requires further clearance, we can draft up a signed clearance letter to ease concerns.

7 - Will you sell a digital file of a design?

We will not sell a digital file, however if we cannot fulfill a print job due to size limitations, we can provide access to a digital file to be downloaded and printed by the client. Visit the page for details.

8 - Can I use your items on multiple productions on one rental?

Unless a situation is worked out between Artery Props and the renter for items to be put out on multiple productions on one rental, piggy-backing is absolutely not allowed. Visit the page for details.

9 - Can I duplicate your rented items?

In the case of flyer rentals, yes. Otherwise, absolutely not. Visit the page for details.

10 - Can I make changes to your designs?

On some of our "damage free" inventory, you have the liberty to make any physical changes (i.e. rips, paint, etc.) you wish. However, there can be no changes digitally to the design via scanning or any other means. Visit the page for details.

11 - Will Artery Props allow the designs to be rented for the adult entertainment industry?

Artery Props will not favor any particular job over another based on subject matter. Only when a renter abuses our policies will we revoke them the privilege to rent from us.

12 - Do you offer any discounts?

Why, yes we do. Visit the page to see what discounts we currently offer.

13 - Will you allow a director's approval show and tell?

Currently, we are not able to allow for any show and tells. We hope that our site will suffice in providing accurate representation of our products.

14 - Can Artery Props ship orders?

No, we do not currently offer that service.

15 - What happens if I cancel an order?

You may be subject to a restocking fee. Please see the for further details.

16 - Can I extend my rental?

Absolutely. However, we ask that you notify us to avoid any unnecessary fees. See the page for details.

17 - Do you offer production rentals?

Yes. Any rental extending into the eigth week is considered a production rental. Please call us to specify the return date and to retrieve pricing information.

18 - What happens if I lose an item?

If you are 100% sure that an item has been lost, stolen or destroyed, an 'affidavit of loss' form must be completed and submitted to us. In addition, loss of rental and replacement fees may apply. You can find the 'affidavit of loss' form on the page.

19 - What if I find a lost item?

Return the item to us immediately and you will only be responsible for whatever loss of rental fees that may apply (assuming the item is not damaged).

20 - What does "no damage" policy mean?

For a select few items in our inventory, like posters, a "no damage" policy applies. What that means is that no matter what physical adjustment a "no damage" item undergoes, like tears, streaks and tips, etc., you won't have to worry about being charged a fee to get it back to its original rented condition. The only requirement is that the rented items are returned to us by the date specified on the invoice.

21 - Will I be charged if I don't return a sticker or flyer?

Being a vendor that owns the copyrights to the artwork we rent, we impress upon the renter to return all rented items by the date specified on the invoice. When it comes to stickers, due to their adhesive nature, we accept that we may not see those items back. However, that does not permit the duplication, redistribution or re-use of any sticker at any time. Same goes for flyers, in that their return is not expected. However there can be no redistribution or re-use of any flyer. Remember - our rentals are on a per job basis. Visit the page for details.

22 - What happens if I return an item without its packaging?

To provide our clients with products in optimal renting condition, we make sure to send those products out in a manner fitting to protect and maintain their shape. Packaging our items costs money, and, on some of our items, it's not particularly cheap. It is expected that our clients reciprocate the respect we have for our inventory and return them in the manner they went out. Failure to do so may result in a charge, not only to cover the lost packaging, but also to cover whatever damage to an item that may have occurred due to renter's negligence.

23 - How often do you update your inventory?

We try to continually add to our inventory. There is no set pattern to it, but you can check out the page for occasional updates.

24 - Will you print out third party artwork?

Sure. We've got the equipment, might as well use it. Give us a call and we'll take care of you.

25 - What's wrong with your site?

You tell us. We'll gladly listen to any criticism to further accommodate our clients' needs.


Did we answer your questions? If not, please contact us by phone: (877) 732-7733 or by email: .